Home Entrance Washable Pvc Door Mats

Made of PVC material, non-fading, waterproof and dust-absorbing performance, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistance, cold resistance, soft and tough, no shrinkage, expansion, deformation and rupture, lasting appearance, temperature resistance, dust resistance, oil pollution resistance, the foot feels comfortable, safe and non-slip.

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The carpet surface is made of PVC, which has good waterproof and dust-absorbing performance, high wear resistance, and high resilience; the original solution dyeing does not fade, the appearance is lasting, temperature resistance, dust resistance, grease pollution resistance, and ultraviolet radiation resistance; and the surface can be sprayed with diluted Chlorine dioxide disinfectant is used as a disinfection floor mat; advanced PVC backing technology, with special anti-slip particle design, comfortable, safe and non-slip foot feel.

Door Mat

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