Carpet manufacturer tips - how to repair carpet burning marksIf you accidentally drop combustibles such as candles and cigarette butts on the carpet, picking them up and extinguishing them in time will not set the carpet on fire. However, the burning temperature will leave traces of burns on the
2022/04/28 11:25
Home improvement carpet advantage 1: comfortable feetMany small partners choose to lay the floor in the bedroom when decorating. The floor is hard and sturdy and can support the weight of the furniture well. However, the wooden floor feels hard on the feet, and standing for a long time will cause
2022/01/06 19:01
Facing the future, we will continue to innovate, focusing on carpet business, and focusing on carpet design, manufacture and sales.Provide high-quality products and services, guide a high-quality life, and enable our employees to obtain good benefits.To achieve low-cost scale operation, and
2022/01/06 18:59