waterproof PVC coil mat

No fading, waterproof, good dust-absorbing performance, wear-resistant, high resilience, and has high-temperature resistance, cold resistance, soft and tough, non-fading, lasting appearance, temperature resistance, dust resistance, grease pollution, with special anti-skid Particle design, comfortable foot feel, safe and non-slip; at the same time keep the ground dry and clean.

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Product Details

Silk ring footpad can relieve foot fatigue, good elasticity, good load-bearing capacity, and no deformation when squeezed. High-density thickened wire loop, good elasticity, and good foot feel. The sole friction blanket surface can take away dust and easily remove mud. Durable and wear-resistant, elastic, long-term stepping will not collapse.

The wire ring will be extinguished when it encounters an open flame, preventing cigarette butts and other flammable items from falling and causing fire, and causing more accidents.

It has the function of anti-fouling and is waterproof. The wire loop structure can lock the stains and water tightly without leakage. It can be restored to new conditions by tapping with water, and it is easy to clean.

PVC coil

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