Non slip pad. There are many kinds of anti slip mats, including car anti slip mat, bathroom anti slip mat, hotel anti slip mat, foot mat, door mat, stair anti slip mat, yoga anti slip mat, carpet anti slip mat, tool box anti slip mat, etc. Anti slip pads can also be divided into rubber anti slip
2023/02/01 14:41
Silicone Dog Mat The silicone material is skin-friendly and you can walk barefoot on it. Spread it in front of your house when you change your shoes. Or in the bathroom, or the kitchen. Anti-slip and anti-fall. The protection is also very good. The plates and cups won't break when you drop them in
2023/02/01 14:29
Usage:(1) Remove the object the dog is currently sleeping on and reward him only for sleeping on the mat.(2) The dog can be locked in a cage, the cage mat, the dog sleeping accustomed to the mat will find a mat to sleep.(3) Put the scent of your dog's favorite object on the mat, and your dog will
2023/02/01 14:10
Carpet is a flooring covering made of cotton, linen, wool, silk, straw yarn and other herbal fibers or chemical synthetic fibers. It is knitted, tufted or knitted by handor mechanical technology. It is one of the arts and crafts classes with a long history and culture in the world. Covering
2023/01/03 17:17
As a quite practical automobile product, the vehicle floor mat can effectively stop water, dust and slip, and is very suitable for use in wet and cold weather. Car floor mats, baggage compartment floor mats, steering wheel covers, etc. It is a indispensable car decoration for many auto owners.
2023/01/03 17:00
First, the bathroom is the most watery and slippery place in the room. Therefore, when selecting, you can touch the front of the anti-skid pad with your hands, and select high-quality fluff materials to give a soft and light feeling.Second, the back of the anti slip mat in the bathroom can be made
2023/01/03 16:22
Comfort anti-Fatigue kitchen mat is made of brilliant PVC with eco-friendly printing and dyeing process, which makes it non-fading, non-shrinking, long-lasting and durable. Relieve foot, knee and returned pain.Allow your toes and knees to stand for lengthy intervals of time and hold them
2022/12/07 16:24
Advantages: floor price selection range; wide range of application; stain resistance, acid resistance, maintenance-free; elastic, good anti-slip performance; wear-resistant, antibacterial, will not be insects, mold; good dimensional stability, will not be affected by temperature, moisture
2022/11/07 11:14
Teslin is a special material introduced in recent years, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, UV resistance and rain resistance and aging resistance. It has been widely used for outdoor products in recent years.Teslin is generally made of high-strength polyester industrial
2022/11/07 10:58
【Smart Design】Rectangular mattress is ideal for your pet to sleep. It can additionally be positioned in an accelerated canine mattress and canine mattress trampoline or in cages and pet houses. A blissful canine crate mattress affords a correct resting ride for dogs. The double-sided design 
2022/11/07 09:17
Made of soft PVC material, it has the traits of acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, non-fading, water-resistant and dust-absorbing performance, wear-resistant, and has high-temperature resistance, severe cold resistance, soft and tough, no shrinkage, expansion, deformation, and rupture, or
2022/10/26 16:30
Soft carpet, no shedding and upgraded non-slip bottom, high-density small long lasting non-slip factors on the bottom enhance friction and prevent sliding. This rug offers a heat and comfy feel. Made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic polyester material, this rug is best for people with sensitive skin or
2022/10/12 15:19