Pvc Mat

High hardness, strong bearing capacity, good tight fixation between plates, heat resistance and cold resistance, and durability. Three dust-removing, skid-scraping, mud-scraping and snow-removing, can also effectively remove stains on soles in rainy and snowy weather. S-shaped anti-slip mats or Z-shaped anti-slip mats. Universal for all seasons, non-slip and hydrophobic.

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It adopts a professional hydrophobic bottom design, which can quickly and effectively remove water, so that the ground does not accumulate water, and it is safe and non-slip while keeping the ground dry and clean. Anti-grease, diversion hydrophobic structure, safe and non-slip, can effectively relieve fatigue. Anti-slip textured surface and sloping edge design prevent slipping and tripping. There are water guide holes for the slippery and watery areas, which are convenient and flexible to move, high-performance anti-fatigue, relieve the pressure of blood circulation on the feet, and improve the health index and safety factor of employees. It is an essential cleaning and labor protection tool in laboratories, food processing areas, hotels, gyms, car repair centers, toilets, lavatories, etc.Pvc S MatPvc S Mat

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