The Advantage of PVC Mat

2022/03/31 19:00

The chemical name of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, which is a non-toxic, odorless, white powder. The natural performance of PVC is good, generally it will not burn and withstand strong pressure, and the foot feels good. The flexibility, slip resistance and moisture resistance of the pvc bottom back are better than those of the asphalt bottom. Suitable for laying wooden floors, wet floors, cement floors, etc. The main components of environmentally friendly asphalt backing are oil, resin and bottom asphaltene, which are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and harmless. The asphalt bottom is slightly harder, the sound insulation is good, and the price is affordable. 90% of European and American countries use environmentally friendly asphalt. It is suitable for laying cement floors, and rough floors are suitable for bonding with glue. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Compared with materials such as floors and tiles, carpets are more decorative in terms of color and pattern. Diversity is the strongest attribute of carpets! In each rug, you can incorporate your own preferences without being obtrusive.

The material of nylon blanket surface has high color saturation. Compared with polypropylene material, the blanket surface has outstanding lodging resistance. In terms of fire protection requirements, the blanket surface of nylon 66 series can basically meet the requirements of national standard B1. The high price is his drawback. The material of polypropylene blanket surface is cheap, suitable for large population mobility and large-scale laying. If the density of blanket injection meets certain requirements, fire safety can meet the requirements of national standard B2.

Because compared with other floor decoration materials such as floors and tiles, the patterns of carpets are more abundant, and there will be more choices in color, which can match a variety of matching methods according to the environment of the office. We all know that the texture of the carpet is soft, which can effectively reduce the reflection of sound and exceed the effect of sound absorption. If the office is a floor, if the female employees walk around in high heels, the office will be very noisy, and the carpet is a good solution to this problem. Due to the material of the carpet, it has a better heat retention and conduction effect, and laying a carpet in the office can block the coolness of the ground and achieve a constant temperature effect. If you lay a floor or tile and there is water on the ground, people will easily slip and fall when you walk over it, but not when you lay a carpet, and it has anti-corrosion to prevent accidental falls. possibility of injury.